A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Counterflows is a contemporary music festival produced by AC Projects & OtoProjects and curated by Alasdair Campbell & Fielding Hope.

The festival features a wide array of artists bound together by their questioning spirit and refusal of easy categorisation. Whether born out of the likes of so-called DIY scenes, the internet or geographically remote communities, we believe that the underground belongs to a myriad of voices and is best engaged with when we come together, share ideas, break down borders, challenge hierarchies and push boundaries.

The festival unravels over a selection of carefully picked venues and spaces around Glasgow. We hope to create a space for you to enjoy music that feels inclusive, anti-elitist and fun, and hopefully in some way feels like an extension of the activity and community at the heart of Glasgow’s own music/art scene(s).

Held in April, Counterflows also promotes events during the year. The festival is about exploration and collaboration and and we are delighted to work with networks of artists, audiences and producers internationally and locally who share an adventurous outlook to the arts and are willing to participate and examine different practices and methods.

Counterflows would not be possible without the help from our extended team: Clare Hoare, Gavin Robertson, Silja Strøm, Oliver Pitt, Tim Matthew, Katy Walsh, Alice de Bourg, Joel White, Sarah Lawson, Gerry Blythe, Lydia Honeybone and many more and also guidance from our steering group of Caroline Winn and Sam Trotman.

AC Projects gratefully acknowledges the support of PRS for Music Foundation, Creative Scotland and Goethe Institute.




What is Counterflows?

Counterflows is a live music festival based in Glasgow that celebrates different types of marginal musics from the UK and around the world. We use the terms ‘experimental music’, ‘underground music’ and music that denies easy categorisation, but the programme takes in various forms of music, including folk music, electronic music, punk, jazz, hip-hop, musique concrete, dance music, classical music and more.

Where does the festival take place?

The festival takes place across various venues in Glasgow, most of which are situated in the centre and west end of the city.

There are no timetable clashes in the festival and we’ve left plenty time been each event to walk (short distances) between each venue. There will also be breaks each day to grab food, hang-out, chill out or see parts of the city.

How accessible is the festival?

All venues at the festival have wheelchair and step-free access. For further information on venue access check each individual event page on the festival website. If you have any access questions or if there’s anything we can do to make your attendance at the festival easier and more comfortable please let us know.

We want to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere, so please feel free to do what you like in each space; dance, sit down and move around. For each event at the festival you are welcome to come and go as you please.

Free earplugs will be provided at the door of each event too.

Is there an age-restriction on entry to event?

There are age-restrictions for some events at Counterflows, particularly evening events, but otherwise under 18s are welcome to the festival. Check each event listing for more specific information.

Can I reserve seats at the festival?

Most venues at the festival will have a mixture of unallocated seating and standing. If you cannot stand for long periods of time, please drop us a line in advance and we’ll reserve a seat for you.

Where do I pick up festival passes and tickets?

To pick up tickets for individual events, just come to the door of each venue once open, show your reservation and you will gain access.

For festival pass and day pass holders you will be able to pick up your tickets at the door of the 1st event you attend at the festival.