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April 2021
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Ai Aso




Tokyo’s Ai Aso (朝生愛, Asō Ai) is a Japanese psychedelic pop singer-songwriter whose work has a whisper-thin acid folk quality to it. Her solo work, infrequent collaborations with White Heaven members You Ishihara and Michio Kurihara and Boris bring a level of fragility and hypnotism to the stage recalling lost memories, small flavors of COIL and serial playing on the verge of evaporation.

Record, Amaihibiki, Iswy (Oz Disc, 2000)
うめるもの [Umerumono] (Electricholeye, 2001)
Lavender Edition (Pedal Records, 2004)
Umerumonoizen (Pedal Records / Tiliqua Records, 2005)
カモミールのプール [Chamomile Pool] (Pedal Records, 2007)
She’s So Heavy” split 7 with Wata (Diwphalanx Records, 2007)
The Chamomile Pool Show DVD (archiveDVD, 2008)
あいだ [Aida] (P.S.F. Records, 2009)
Lone 5Ideologic Organ, 2014)

Ai Aso – The Future [The Chamomile Pool Show] Live video w/Wata and Michio from Boris