A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Áine O’Dwyer & Matona / Carnatic Music Ensemble



Áine O’Dwyer & Matona (duo) 9pm – 9.45pm
Carnatic Music Ensemble 10 – 10.50pm

To ease the eventuality of the end of another Counterflows and in contrast to last year’s swirling beats from Mauritania we bring you a meditative take on contemporary music making that is steeped in tradition yet challenges the idea of what experimental music is or can be. Counterflows is about many things but something we really are determined to challenge is the hegemony of Western cultural thought over the rest of the planet. Even in India the Southern Cultural tradition of Carnatic music is often seen as the poor cousin of Indian music. This is of course ridiculous prejudice. Steeped in ancient rigorous systems and scales but performed with equal passion for improvisation and expression the music shares with Counterflows the integrity of belief in the vitality in keeping moving, of not sitting still culturally. We have been so lucky in getting this amazing ensemble of musicians together: Dr M Lalitha with her mother and guru of Carnatic singing and music and their percussionists of choice.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Nandini, Lalitha’s sister and amazing duo carnatic partner, will not be able to make this Counterflows encounter. Nandini was the catalyst behind this project’s germination and we thank her emphatically.

The Carnatic Music Ensemble
Smt Subbulakshmi Muthuswamy – Vocal
Dr M Lalitha – Violin
Neyveli KV Ramkumar – Mridangam
Sai Subramaniam – Morsing.

Delighted to welcome the debut live duo performance from Zanzibar-based multi-instrumentalist Mohamed Issa Haji Matona and Irish (now London based) experimental singer-songwriter Àine O’Dwyer. Having only played once before through a chance meeting on BBC 3′s Late Junction, we were instantly blown away by their seamless meeting of traditional music forms, blending their native Tanzanian and Irish tongues and instruments to create a whole new beautifully open and meditative music.