A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Angharad Davies & Sebastian Lexer / Hisato Higuchi / Daniel Carter + Owen Green




19:30 Angharad Davies & Sebastian Lexer
Counterflows 2015 Garnethill concert opens with another new commission. Working with pianist and electronics manipulator extrodinaire, Sebastian Lexer, violinist Angharad Davies will devise a new work specially for the space involving processed violin, bass guitar and four bass amps. Angharad will perform live on bass guitar swapping the higher registered strings of the violin for the deeper sonorities of the bass. Angharad’s music explores a deep ethereal spectrum of beauty.

20:10 Hisato Higuchi
Hisato Higuchi follows on the developing Counterflows tradition in exploring the Japanese voice. Last year Ai Aso’s voice shimmered across the high vaulted ceiling at Garnethill. Hisato brings his troubled blues and tense dialogue of broken song to Scotland for the first time. Resonant and haunting.

21:15 Daniel Carter + Owen Green
Daniel Carter performs the first of his two Counterflows collaborations to bring a close to Counterflows 2015 Garnethill. His sparring partner for this foray into sublime improvisation is Edinburgh based electronics wizzard Owen Green. Daniel’s open ended musical approach and generosity of spirit disguises his fierce commitment to improvisational fire music. The conspiracy awaits…