A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Crystabel Riley

During the late naughties Crystabel Riley toured Japan and Europe using drums, electronics and make-up in noise trio Maria and the Mirrors. This was the start of her interest in patterns on skins – human and drum. She is currently working on the multi-format duo project @xcrswx with Seymour Wright.

“Playing drums alone or with others working with cyclic patterns, metallics, sensitivity, battling and balancing care and uncare. This generous list also relates to the make-up I am interested in. I am increasingly focused on this idea of care and uncare. How to find the best of both (care:  about the materials one works with, uncare: freedom, open minded attitudes to beauty, stumbling across ways to construct and deconstructions it). The worst of both is everywhere,  in the form of caring advise with regards to how to eradicate this this and this, comparisons, normalising the norm face, enhanced skin enhance insecurity enhanced solutions, all pack in with a care-free set of anti-microbials.”