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April 2021
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LE PLEIN PAYS – film screening & discussion

Excited to present the UK debut screening of “LE PLEN PAYS”, a film by Antoine Boutet focussing on the life of Jean-Marie Massou.

The film will be followed by a post-screening discussion with Le Belle Brute, a group of artists, recording engineers and archivists who work closely with Massou.

Massou’s deeply personal and distinct music will be diffused by La Belle Brute at a separate event following the screen as well.

Film details:

“A man has been living for thirty years as a recluse in a forest in France. Alone, he hews out deep underground tunnels and galleries, which he decorates with old-fashioned engravings. They must withstand the planetary disaster that has been announced, and they must explain things, through their perceptive messages, to future inhabitants. The film recounts this experience as lived on the sidelines of modern society, affected as it is by human wretchedness and the loss, once and for all, of a perfect world”.