A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Mother & Nova

Kingpin of the experimental and underground dance community Mother teams up on the dancefloor with vocal by Nova for a special selector/MC session.

Mother (aka Mark Maxwell) runs the Heated Head label & Concrete Cabin labels and is one of the main cats at Glasgow institution Rubadub. Having cut teeth as a teenager working on the late John Peels legendary radio shows, he’s gone on to become one of the most important figures in the Glasgow music scene . An impeccable DJ and selector, he can bang out techno, grime, dubstep, dancehall and experimental sets better than most international overpaid goons on the Silicon Valley touring circuit. The real deal.


On MC duties is Nova (aka Shaheeda Sinckler) – a multi-faceted artist based in Edinburgh. Emerging from the Glasgow’s DIY art scene, she has taken over the music scene, with different projects such as DJ Scotia, Nova, and Nova Scotia sample production and performance project. Since her first EP mixtape in n2018, Nova Scotia has been making waves and was recently nominated as the Best Hip Hop Category of the Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2019, features in Mixmag, Red Bull Music, The Skinny, Time Out London, The Basement x Nike BSMNT AIR MAX 90 campaign, and has launched her club night Potential Party.

Nova is a rap vocal project, a way to vent frustrations, boast achievements and express wants for the future. January 25th 2020, marks the release of Shaheeda Sinckler’s first solo album called «Re-Up» with a launch on 23rd of January at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh. Bassy trap sits side by side with lo-fi hip hop and heavy grime features beats by
$1000 Wallet, Inkke and Kami-O, AJM, T.Morgan & Evil M, all local producers based in Scotland, complemented with imagery of drunken street fights, a twisted game of Monopoly and sniper staring down the viewfinder.