A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Rhodri Davies has been a life force in the UK music scene for over 20 years. Having worked with him in the past over different contexts we are really excited to present this ambitious new work commissioned for the festival, featuring a dynamic, full on band, featuring Ryoko Akama (Electronics), Sarah Hughes (Zither), Sofia Jernberg (Vocals), Pat Thomas (keyboard, Electronics) and Adam Parkinson (Programming).

Born in Wales, Rhodri’s amorphous practice has embraced radical solo harp ventures, installations, live electronics, collaborations with some of our artists (Richard Dawson, John Tilbury, Mark Fell, Lina Lapelyte and Bill Orcutt – to name but a few) delicate poised compositional work amidst Elaine Radigue’s music world, and so much more. Rhodri represents the widest possible scope in music and is ideal in the Counterflows setting.


Rhodri Davies: Transversal Time (2017) (40mins) – For Ensemble

“My grandfather repaired and sold watches, as does my father, and as a child I was surrounded by watches and clocks all stating different times. This piece utilises different clocks which adhere to different time systems. The three clocks I use are: Standard Time (the internationally accepted time system, using 24 hours per day); Decimal Time (where there are 10 hours per day); Hex Time (a system where there are 16 hours per day). When improvising, time can sometimes feel stretched, or, compacted. In this piece, I will explore different conceptions of time, such as waiting, anticipating, meditating, repetition, body and clock time, boredom, and how an individual’s unique time transverses with others.”

Commissioned by HCMF in collaboration with Chapter Arts, Cardiff and Counterflows and supported by PRS Foundation’s Beyond Borders.