A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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The first ever collaborative performance between two fearless artists and Counterflows Festival favourites – Yeah You and Pat Thomas.

Yeah You is Elvin Brandhi and MYKL JAXN. A father/daughter dada-leaning dyad whose improvised musical and geographical excursions will leave your head spinning like a well rubbered doughnut in a car park. The project grew from a desire to make something during every spare moment; using compact recording gear to turn the usual banal everyday family drives to into spontaneous recording sessions in the car. The result is something they call ‘wild pop’. Think of the fleeting way most people hear and consume pop music today – and imagine that sound chewed and spat back at you in all it’s spontaneous, nauseating joy.

Pat Thomas is one of the greatest living pianists working in fields of free jazz, electronic music and improvisation today. His performances range in approach and texture, from fearsome cacophony that can sound like a piano having its guts ripped out, with Pat thumping discordant clusters of keys with his fists or rattling the exterior wooden frame; to delicately soothing passages where his fingers glide over the keys, creating microscopic tones and resonant melodies that can hold an entire sonic landscape.

YEAH YOU – Skin (I Have Only Lived Once) from YEAH YOU on Vimeo.