Ashley Paul

Delighted to announce that Ashley Paul will be the featured artist for Counterflows Festival 2017.

Ashley will be performing new work with an exclusive expanded ensemble. She will also be doing a series of intimate solo shows, as well as a one-off collaboration with Berlin-based artist Rashad Becker.

Since 2014, Counterflows’ featured artists have introduced our audiences to new projects and curious collaborations, spanning a wide range of their work. We have always sought to highlight aspects of their practices in new contexts and Joe McPhee, Richard Youngs and Zeena Parkins honed this with a playful vigour that we are proud to continue to the present.

Ashley Paul is an American performer/ composer currently based in London. We were first attracted to Ashley’s work by her striking take on song form; a delicate but utterly focussed tip-toeing between melodic free-form structures and scratching, scraping, clattering sound, bridging the liminal gap between intimate bedroom folk stylings and the unpredictable dynamics of early British improvisation. Despite being schooled in jazz and improvisation, Ashley subverts and re-configures learned practice in a way that feel oddly singular, allowing her to craft an unvarnished and deeply personal form of music.

“Is it arranged? Is it made up on the spot?… sometimes sounds as if she’s got nothing to do with any tradition at all — rather, a songwriter with a diaristic, private and flexible sense of what a song is.” – New York Times

Ashley currently performs solo and in collaborations using an array of instruments including saxophone, guitar, clarinet, prepared strings, bells and percussion, as well as her own voice. A seasoned collaborator, she has played with the likes Thurston Moore, Rashad Becker, Loren Connors, Gavin Bryars, Roscoe Mitchell, Aki Onda, Greg Kelley, Joe Morris, Seijiro Murayama, Bill Nace and Heatsick. She also runs her own label imprint Wagtail, featuring her own music and art and releases by the likes of Olan Monk and Ben Pritchard.