A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Open Call SSW × Counterflows
Caregivers Residency




ASTORRAstor is the moniker of Mark Harwood, Australian publisher, event curator and sound artist who is now residing in London, United Kingdom. Under this guise he deploys a wide variety of techniques including field recording, musique concrete and electronics. All of these forms are approached with a sense of bypassing the cliches imbedded within in order to coerce a sound world which is simultaneously contemporary, foreign, intense, beautiful, unsettling and engaging. Mark has released 2 acclaimed lp’s on Kye (USA) and has just released a third, Lina in Nida on his own Penultimate Press imprint.

(Inland) weaves a series of fascinatingly cryptic concrete tableaux, which cannily exploits textural ambiguities and tensions, sketching a nebulous liminal zone of sound activity where everyday events take on musical qualities and vice versa….. these are meticulously crafted exercises in indeterminate sound. – Nick Cain, THE WIRE (voted second album of the year – ‘outer limits’ category, 2014)