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April 2021
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Berlin – CTM and Transmediale Festivals 2015



When Hamish Dunbar from Cafe Oto and I thought up the idea for Counterflows we wanted to look outwardly at the possibilities across countries for partnerships and collaborations with artists, festivals and producers. We knew from our work over the last 10 years or so that there were networks of like-minded people who enjoy pushing boundaries and challenging held views in the arts out there all over our planet and we thought that Counterflows could offer a way of exploring this.

One of the first organisations to offer me support with this new venture was the Goethe Institute in Glasgow. The first Counterflows residency was set up with the support of the Goethe and this support has been offered every year since. This year Konrad from the Institute thought that it would be a good idea to look at our relationship and to look to develop the partnership further. We talked of the idea of German producers and curators getting involved with the festival and also looking at the relationship with venues in Germany particularly Ausland where we hosted the first Counterflows festival as part of our ambitious three city opening foray.

So now thanks to the Goethe Institute I am going over to Berlin to the CTM and Transmediale festivals for a week to meet up with producers and artists and to talk about developing relationships with Counterflows. It’s really exciting to be able to do this and a real privilege especially with the fourth edition of Counterflows bubbling along beautifully. There will be lots to talk about and hopefully see and hear…

I’ll keep you posted with my second blog this season. Daily updates of what is happening…



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