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April 2021
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Cara Tolmie & Paul Abbott



credit: Cara Tolmie

credit: Cara Tolmie

18:00 Cara Tolmie and Paul Abbott CCA 5 Theatre

A departure note: Acting and the architect. Dark and warm storms stealing constructions from upwards whilst digging, unseen and then guts inverted: slippy/risks, limp/augmentation. Lengths of plastics, wood, alloys, a transducer, speakings… Setting ups and runnings. Strike and the getting outs. On hands and knees, raking around raw feels against taxoclumps, compounds, commodities. A blue draped puddle turns green in torid corners. They stand beside an artificial balancing of attentions err artificial distractions apparently from within and outside the building. Learning (for a friend): yes to saying.

A theatre! driven to tear space, from sounds, words, bodies, looks.

Paul Abbott and Cara Tolmie have worked both together and independently in the past with moving image, drums, voice, electronics, words, movement and objects. Recent activities include Antiknow at Flat Time House; Pley, Spike Island, Bristol and with Infection Transmission Event/Cloudy November in Assembly, Tate Britain; lll人 & Ne_Ko-max (with Seymour Wright and Daichi Yoshikawa) at Intersect, Cafe Oto and Sound Disobedience, Ljubljana; Otiumfold at Chisenhale Gallery, London; Black Exhventalia / anTrgor rEiz at Cafe Oto and Abject Bloc, London; Her Noise: Feminisms and the Sonic at Tate Modern, London and Nasjonal Museet, Oslo.

Counterflows kindly acknowledges support from Creative Scotland to enable this commission.