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April 2021
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Hector Bizerk

I first heard about Hector Bizerk through asking Fielding Hope of Cry Parrot who was this band with such a… read more »

posted on 28/03/2013


It is a common misconception of the way we lead our lives that we are meant to aspire to this… read more »

posted on 27/03/2013

Fuaim is Solas

Counterflows is about bringing music together from all the myriad of strands of creativity that exist out there. I have… read more »

posted on 20/03/2013

Kan Mikami

Kan Mikami It came as no surprise to me to find out that last year’s festival revelation Kim DooSoo and… read more »

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Tracers Trails Afternoon

Join maverick old school dadaist Sven-Ake Johansson and local heroic performance artist Iain Campbell F-W for an afternoon spent disconcerted… read more »

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