Florian Hecker

He dramatises space – This slot on Friday evening of Counterflows is developing into a time to explore the ever… Read more »

Fish Police

South London based Fish Police bring their joyous jumble of urban sprawl north of the border for the first time.… Read more »

The Flexibles

In our features artist, Richard Youngs’, words: “The Flexibles are a trio with a combined age of 106. They are… Read more »

Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell is a musician and sound artist from Glasgow. He works in the fields of improvisation, live performance, software… Read more »

Andrea Neumann

Counterflows’ residency collaborator, Andrea Neumann, presents her solo work “Letraton Nr. 9” (2014) for Innenklavier (inside piano).

George Lyle

It is a really important and special thing to me to have George Lyle perform at Counterflows 2015. I’m not… Read more »

Andrea Neumann

Andrea Neumann is a wonderfully explorative artist. After studying classical piano in Berlin she soon looked for new ways of… Read more »

Day Seven Bauhaus

And so the last day of strolling around the beautiful city of Berlin. After a failed attempt to gather a… Read more »

Negro Leo

When Chico Dub, director of the Novas Frequencias festival in Rio De Janeiro, sent me music from Brazil to consider… Read more »

The Flexibles

Music sometimes reeks of its own self-worth. And then sometimes it just is. Richard Youngs our featured artist sometimes makes… Read more »

Florian Hecker

Prolific and provocative, we are delighted to have extreme German computer artist Florian Hecker at this years’ festival. Working independently and… Read more »

Sacred Paws

Great to have this lively and utterly joyous duo play Counterflows ahead of the launch of their new mini LP… Read more »

Angharad Davies

It is great to have Angharad Davies at Counterflows 2015, especially doing her own music. I have known Angharad’s work… Read more »

Raymond Boni

This will be the second time I have brought the incomparable Raymond Boni to the UK. The first time was… Read more »

Fish Police

The Fish Police – a South London-based band on the cutting edge of the learning disability music scene – create… Read more »

Yong Yong

Originally key figures in Lisbon’s buzzing underground scene, Yong Yong relocated to Glasgow just over a year ago to re-assess… Read more »

Noura Mint Seymali

Way back then… when record shops ruled (not that they don’t now of course!) Into our store dropped an amazing… Read more »

Hisato Higuchi

If anyone hasn’t yet noticed, there does follow me a yearning to understand the music of Japan, especially the relationship… Read more »

Rabih Beaini

Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis is a lone voice in electronic music. Few dis thread as challenging and intriguing sounds together,… Read more »