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April 2021
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Chelpa Ferro




Formed as part of Rio de Janeiro’s burgeoning visual art scene , Chelpa Ferro straddle the various genres of creative practice but instil everything they do with an anarchic sense and hedonistic warmth of their Brazilian sun. They come to Glasgow as part of Counterflows and Novas Frequencias continuing collaboration.

Chelpa Ferro are a performing collaborative group that has as its nuclear structure Luiz Zerbini,
Barrão and Sérgio Mekler. Chelpa Ferro is renowned for its sound installations and its intersemiotic aesthetics interventions. With the participation of artists such as Arto Lindsay, David Toop, Kassin, Jaques Morelembaum, Berna Ceppas and Stephane San Juan, their works are constellations of dissonance and ambience that privilege cathartic improvisation and “musique concréte”.

“Autobang”, from 2002, an act in which they sonically destroyed a Maverick 74, was one of the most notable performances of the group. In “Ruim”, their most recent piece in traditional album format, improvisation takes over the instrumentation like an avalanche, swallowing everything that comes in its way.