A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Counterflow’s Family workshop / A Walk in the Park with Kings Park Brass Band



A festival should not really just be a series of gigs and Counterflows, as it grows, will develop projects and events where participation will be encouraged in one form or another. Sharing the joys of making music can be such a rewarding experience in so many levels. Daniel Padden who has been a stalwart of the Glasgow creative scene for many years now with his brilliant One Ensemble and also as one half of the genre bending bliss-makers Volcano the Bear will lead this family workshop (for parents and over 5 year olds). Players and non-players, all are welcome with the emphasis of the workshop on creating something new amongst all the participants. Daniel will use music games and instructions to involve everyone in the creation of music. If anyone interested in taking part would let Glad Café know so that we can monitor the numbers that would be helpful. Glad Café is such a great new spot for families and Counterflows feels that this is the perfect place for some spontaneous music making. Just after the workshop and as Counterflows makes its way through the wonderful Queens Park on the way to Southside Studios, I’m really pleased that Kings Park Brass Band have agreed to perform in the park. There is something incredibly heart -warming about the sumptuous sound of a brass band and I just couldn’t resist the idea of Sunday in the park with them. Of course if the weather goes awry like it is apt to they will perform in the Glad Café. Oh, and the workshop is FREE. Joins us!