A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Counterflows’ Film Screening 1 Ears Switched Off and On by Singing CHEN




As part of Counterflows’ exploration of the documentation of experimental music on film we are really excited to be able to show this film in the context also of having the artists here to perform as part of the festival. Ears Switched Off and On is the attempt to track down the Taiwanese world of sound-art, those active, off-mainstream and ignored artists: Dino, Wang Fu-jui, and LIN Chi-Wei. This documentary, which is still an on-going project, delineates these pioneers who have been devoted to sound art since the 90’s. This version is a 2011 edition.

About the Director:
CHEN Singing is among the most talented young directors in Taiwan, recognised for her highly stylised approach. Her 2007 film, God, Man, Dog, was selected for The Forum at the Berlin Film Festival and screened at numerous festivals including Pusan and Fribourg. In 2000 her feature, Bundled, won awards at both domestic and international festivals including Best Drama and Best New Director at Taipei Film Festival.