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April 2021
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Counterflows/ Melbourne – MESS



East Mint & MESS

So I’m a wee bit behind with this story. I’m actually in Killcare Cottage Cootamundra in New South Wales. But first a few more days in Melbourne.

Wednesday 30th January: Bron who manages MESS, Melbourne Electronics Sound Studio kindly invired me over to see the amazing resource that they have. Robin Fox and Byron Scully meet me there and generously give their time over to explain all the sythesizers they have gathered together at MESS. With the help of collectors and Synth-heads they have gathered an amazing resource. The way it works is that you join up as a member and then you book session on whichever beast you fancy working on and with expert support and guidance you make work.

I of course, have to ask Robin about something that I’ve been trying to find out for a wee while now, his mother Cindy John’s music. Madeleine told me about Cindy’s work when I first met her and ever since I’ve been trying to track down more information about her work. Robin is amazed that I know about his mother and graciously offers to source some of her work for me. Very exciting.

Back home to Northcote and to meet up with a lovely couple of mavericks who have been running a venue in an old warehouse just across the road from Madeleine and Tim’s for over 7 years now. On Thursday Lori Goldston will perform there. They are great and I purchase a couple of their releases on their label Eastmint and look forward to attending.

Later that evening I meet the man who brought out 50 Sythesizer Greats in 1979, the one and only David Chesworth. We have a glass and talk about what we are both doing. Fascinating stuff.

(I have to interrupt this blog for a weather report. The term biblical has come up quite often out here in rural New South Wales. As I sit here in Killcare cottage the wind is howling through the trees shaking the cottage’s very bones to the core, lightning bolts are slashing through the sinister puffy grey clouds and claps of thunder resound across the landscape. The red ochre parched soil is changing colour as the storm clouds open up and crazy rain bounces off the land. And it is still 29/85 degrees. And the electricity has just cut out.)