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April 2021
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Counterflows: Melbourne – INLAND & Hats



Inland – Of neither sea, nor shore.

So firstly, hats are really important in Australia. Not just for the little slope of positioning on the head or the fashionable jaunt of the fedora. One really needs a hat out here in the blistering sun. And those floppy wide brims are really helpful for keeping the rays from sizzling skin.

bad photo of Adam Pultz-Melbye

bad photo of Adam Pultz-Melbye

Inland is a programme of events throughout the year curated by Rohan Drape and Alexander Garsden. So luckily for me there are two nights programmed when I’m here. It is a great way to see what is going on in the contemporary new and experimental scene here in Melbourne and also catch up with familiar faces. Judith Hamann, James Rushford, Oren Ambarchi are all playing in some capacity. It is also a chance to meet up with Julia Reidy who we have already booked to play Tectonics Glasgow this year. Her duo with Alexander Garsden is great, on six string and twelve string guitars. Day two particularly strikes me as a beautifully nuanced programme. Lovely varied textures and journeys in sound. Full details are here>>

A few names struck me: Maria Moles on drums and Rohan Drape on piano on a longer piece by Anthony Pateras also with Erikki Veltheim on violin…. lovely stuff.