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April 2021
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Counterflows: Melbourne – Invasion Day



Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

So there is no way I’m going to presume after 2 weeks in Australia that I can speak authoritatively about what it is like for Australians of any heritage to live with their very recent history. Complicated is putting it mildly but I must say on Saturday 26th of January it was very moving to accompany Tim and Maddie’s family to the Invasion day march. Saturday was the official Australia day memorial but over the recent years this alternative rally which now spans across Australia’s cities is growing in momentum. Invasion Day recognises that the land of Australia was inhabited by a sophisticated and cultured people way before any white European colonial types set foot here. As I read more and more about Australia I am coming to see that this problem of colonial conquering which affects regions all over the world and is still in play, is one that will not go away and is something we need to face up to. With the world continually being driven by a sort of slash and burn capitalism we really need to stop and change our thinking. Saturday 26th was a day to consider all this and with hope from the good people of Melbourne who were out there in their thousands in the burning sun ready for change.

I leave the rally saddened by a familiar story of an indigenous man’s nephew being run off the road by the police and dying.

Lots to think about…

I meet Cat Hope in the Captain’s of Industry cafe not far from the Rally in down town Melbourne where we talk across a whole range of subjects, about Australia and music. Cat is a great composer now based in Melbourne and great company. She gives me a couple of her cds. One of which I listen to later and which is really brilliant. Highly recommended – Ephemeral Rivers, Chamber Works on Hat Art.