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April 2021
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Counterflows: Melbourne – The long-Haul



Australia – A land far away: of John Pilger and Les Murray, of Picnic at Hanging Rock and the Go-betweens and the Triffids and Nicolas Roeg’s Walkabout.

It’s a Quoll

Well these are some of my cultural starting blocks and now thanks to a grant from Creative Scotland’s Go-See-Share fund I’m off on the longest air flight that man should possibly take (I know New Zealand is further and the moon).

I never really thought about going off to Australia and then I met Madeleine Flynn at TPAM in Japan where off we trundled together to Super Deluxe to see Marginal Consort and, well, we just clicked. Talk of music and and how badly it can be perceived and in fact conceived flowed and a shared desire to bring it closer to the community whatever that might mean in our plainly messed up world (it’s ever been thus) brought us to thinking we maybe should worked together somehow.

Off to Melbourne it is then to hopefully catch up with lots of great people I don’t yet know and also meet up with some of the people (it appears to be a few now) that I’ve met over the last 7 years of AC Projects.

What am I really going out for? Well to look at possibilities of an edition of Counterflows out in Melbourne and to share what we are doing in Scotland. Firstly I’ll be off to Mona Foma a strand of the Dark Mofo festival in Launceston in Tasmania. Very excited about this ever since I read the wonderful book Carnivorous Nights about the mystical thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) and a whole lot more Tasmanian creatures and trees. I would loved to see the lovely spotted quoll but who knows, there is music to be heard and first I’ll cross the legendary Bass Strait on the Spirit of Tasmania in tribute to the authors Margaret Mittlebach and Michael Crewdson. More episodes will follow….