Counterflows Social with Clara! (DJ) + Letitia Pleaides (DJ)

Saturday 8th April 2017 – The Art School (Vic Bar)

Doors open at 11pm and runs ’til 3am!

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CLARA! (DJ) Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 20.49.06

Part of a prankster club collective PRR PRR from Brussels, Clara!’s mixtape series “Reggaetoneras” – made up of 100% female MCs and rhythms from the ‘90s up to the modern day – blew us away last year. A snapshot of Clara’s teenage years on the beaches and discos of Galicia, Spain, the mixes are steeped in the imported Puerto Rican sounds and mixes of French DJs such as Kost & Goldfingers or DJ Poska.

Both an excellent introduction to the dembow rhythms which so strongly inform current dance music – from the mega pop hits of Bieber and Drake thru to the avant output of Arca or Kamixlo – and an expertly curated and researched compilation of music that lies beyond the reach and knowledge of scene outsiders, Reggaetoneras is, most importantly, massive party music. Crammed with a rude drums and hooks levered from major dance hits, and sandwiched with skits and personal edits, we can’t wait for her to present a special Reggaetoneras set at our late night Counterflows Social.


LETITIA PLEAIDES (DJ) 16325468_10158156589260344_22584212_o-1

Very happy to have Letitia Pleiades on the decks as part of one of our late night Counterflows Social. Highly present in the Glasgow scene as an artist, member of dance group G.O.D.S., notorious pop group Fem Bitch Nation and free-noise mongers Thoth, she is also a killer DJ; whose sets sidewind between UK bass, dancehall, house and techno. Totally anarchic and unpredictable, we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

Photo credit: Tine Bek