Counterflows Social with Olimpia Splendid + Anxiety + Rebecca Marshall (DJ) @ CCA Saramago

Friday 7th April 2017 – CCA Saramago (i.e. the downstairs foyer bit)

Doors open at 11pm. Event will continue until 3am!

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OLIMPIA SPLENDID do10wnoassmr28z0cz75vrrhup_i7jjc-fwmw6q-r8cacrwfx1njnw6ppaum2woeu3kyc6rvuyouaxji5z_nzz2hn8sm8w55ruluhdi5uqy3yp_qj-mcxilulubiqdccs1600

Olimpia Splendid sound a bit like all our favourite guitar bands rolled up into one. Made up of three woman at the beating-heart of the Helsinki art and music underground – Heta Bilaletdin, Jonna Karanka and Katri Sipiläinen – they make wiry, hypnotic and out-of tune DIY punk with guitars, bass and a drum machine. Reliably brilliant weirdo imprint Fonal Records released their debut 7” ep in 2013, which was followed by a full-length debut in July 2015.

“This wonderful Finnish trio sound like Royal Trux, The Dead C and the troublemaking witches from Macbeth, stirring their pot with grease and glitter (…) Party music for the tipping point before things get messy.” – The Wire


ANXIETY 15972732_4162381137519_65944862395104124_o

No-holds-barred wiry, fast and confrontational hardcore punk from Glasgow, with enough white noise, seething distortion and feedback thrown in the mix for ultimate avante-satifisfaction. Anxiety’s songs are all about darkness, wetness and ripped crotches – just like the city they come from.





REBECCA MARSHALL (DJ) 14022205_10157343006990387_2212414771061151861_n

One of the most exciting DJs to emerge from fizzling Glasgow underground dance scene. Part of the clubnight SO LOW (alongside Keith McIvor from Optimo, Katie Shambles and Iona Fortune) – a night that specialises in industrial, goth, cold-wave and post-punk from the Thatcher years – Becky’s own DJ sets renowned for their energetic, off-the-grid intensity.