A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Daniel Carter




So to get started… this is going to be a great year and for one reason at least, Daniel Carter is back with us in Glasgow to perform his bewitching and intensely personal take on free music. Daniel was last here at Arika’s special Episode exploring Black Music making. It is so appropriate to get Daniel to Counterflows to expose us to more of his thought provoking attitude to the arts. A writer and politically engaged member of the human race Daniel’s contribution to music is in some sense underplayed but once heard, with his multi-instrumental, multi-dimensional approach to his art, it is a never forgotten thing. The list of his collaborators is ridiculous and impossible to even try to encapsulate here but at Counterflows it will grow as he performs in various combinations. New York based and Pennsylvanian born Carter brings to Counterflows, with his no genre is sacred attitude, the prosaic notion that music is just music no matter what we try to call it.

Here’s 1.46 of key wildness…