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David Maranha




David Maranha was born in Figueira da Foz in 1969. His work encompasses sculpture, music and architecture. In 1986 he started to develop his work as a musician both as a solo artist and with several bands and has since released more than 30 albums.

David formed “osso exótico” in 1989 with his brother André Maranha, António Forte and Bernardo Devlin and has performed and recorded regularly with the band both in Portugal and abroad. “osso exótico” evolves organically with multiple collaborators, the current line-up includes André Maranha, David Maranha, Francisco Tropa, Manuel Mota and Patrícia Machás.

David has worked with musicians such as Z’EV, Emmanuel Holterbach, Helena Espvall, Phill Niblock, David Grubbs, Akio Suzuki, Will Guthrie, Andrea Belfi, Jochen Arbeit, Minit, Pete Simonelli, David Daniell, Arnold Dreyblatt, Jacob Kirkegaard, Carla Bozulich, Chris Cutler, Werner Durand, Robert Rutman, Ben Frost, Helge Sten and more. His collaborative projects, include: Organ Eye with Patricia Machás and the Australians Torben Tilly and Jasmine Guffond, releasing an album by Staubgold Label (Germany), Bowline with Francesco Dillon on cello, releasing an album by Sonoris (France), Curia with Manuel Mota and Margarida Garcia on electric guitars and Afonso Simões on drums. Edited Curia I by Fire Museum (USA) and Curia II by Headlights (Portugal), Dru with Manuel Mota on electric guitar and Riccardo Wanke on fender rhodes, Album by Headlights (Portugal).

Completing his studies in architecture in 1993 at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa David has since created a body of architectural work that includes museums, schools, hospitals, senior residences and cemeteries. The main part of this work was built in the region of Sintra.

His first sculpture was presented in 1993 on Boqueirão da Praia da Galé, Lisbon and was titled Montre. He can also highlight other works like Opera, Experimental Intermedia (1998) New York and Wesleyan University (1998) Connecticut; Lá ao espelho, reflexo de si, (1999) Paris; Tríptico, David Maranha + Manuel Mota at Appleton Square (2012) Lisbon; knell dobre glas, Galeria Quadrado Azul, (2012) Porto and Pálio, Flausina, (2012) Lisbon.

Image: Montre by David Maranah, Boqueirão da Praia da Galé, 1993 (Lisboa)

Image: Montre by David Maranah, Boqueirão da Praia da Galé, 1993 (Lisboa)

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