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April 2021
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Day Eleven – To Neil Walker: The man who built the world.



It was an early start to Thursday, heading up to Pargue Lage where Laraaji was hosting his laughing workshop. In the grounds of lush trees and plants nesltes a beautiful old palace like building where the school of art is based. This was a brilliant setting for a workshop ostensibly about the power of laughter to create well-being. As anyone that knows me will know I am just a tad sceptical of such things but with the monkeys in the trees and the sound of buzzing insects it really did make a lot of sense. Clare took part. As for me I sneaked out for a quiet coffee and a read. All dressed in his obligatory orange Laraaji cut a very impressive shaman like guru thing.

Unfortunately the rest of day eleven went slightly wrong. Our electricity in the apartment went a bit haywire and we ended up missing the Laraaji performance. Philip Jeck did make a great bean stew though which helped us through the night.

And it just got worse. I didn’t want to mention this here but I felt I wanted to say something from so far a way about a dear old friend of mine and Gavin’s (who is a huge part of Counterflows) who has passed away. Neil Walker was one of the most generous, funny and inspiring men on the planet. He could build anything, and did. He would have loved the laughter workshop if only because he loved to laugh. I hadn’t seen Neil for a while but being here in Rio I feel his spirit rising in my heart.


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