A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Day Four – Berlin 2015 in Memory



And I stood in a space where
death was present
built of concrete and holy air
it was a space where sound existed
but was not made

Day four took me to the Jewish Museum. It is a very dignified experience and also very humbling. It is a beautiful statement about man’s capability of inhumanity and a reminder of what can happen. The Holocaust Tower is unbearably haunting.

After that is was hard to get my bearings on the festival. But off to HAU2 for some music I went. It was great to meet Rabih Beaini in the bar. I’m so looking forward to hearing him at Counterflows. He also introduced me to Bill Kouligas the man behing the label PAN and of course a whole lot more it was surprising to hear him talking about Counterflows’ Heatsick Extended Play with Golden Teacher and Joe McPhee. Surprising because you sometimes wonder if anyone notices these things and of course great! I also caught up with Jan Rohlf the co-founder of CTM who was of course buzzing from everything as he should be. So the music tonight was a total unknown for me two acts with letters as names. TeZ & TCF…

I’m really not sure which was which. Anyway the first act started with a whole load of digital sounds that reminded me of my fathers old sound effect record of locomotives. I loved these records the way they introduced the new concept of stereo. It is funny how with all this technology things end up sounding like old analogue recordings. But things got going when the groove took off and actually it really was quite amazing. Second guy (I always mention this but there are a lot of men doing this stuff) took a bow which was very old school and quite refreshing somehow as he stepped into a ring of green light. Some glitches and drones and then on the huge screen a red line appeared bleeding out to fill this great canvas of colour. The colours were spectacular in the space but the constant flahing made me have to leave the room. My eyes can’t take that sort of thing. Lots more was happening at Berghain but after catching up with Gregor Hotz of the Splitter Orchestra for a couple of drinks I headed back in the snow. Lovely day indeed!