A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Day Four – Oh Sugar Loaf, Oh Sugar Loaf



Got out and about on the first cloudy day. Still searing hot of course but eventually the blue sky appeared again. So Ashley and I decided to go tourist. Sugar Loaf Mountain beckoned. We found this small beautiful beach  the other side of Urca and ate prawns waiting For Graham McKenzie, John Butcher and Mark Sanders to arrive. I knew John would have the delightfully pertinent hat on. But with all sorts of communication shenanigns interfering with our plans Ashley and I decided to ascend to the first tier. Gosh it was beautiful.

The second party then arrived and Graham too was attired with some brilliantly eccentric hat gear. The first caipririnhas of the day then up to the top. Totally breathtaking views of Rio. Quite unreal. Vultures and ravens soaring and gliding in the beautiful breeze. Of course that beautiful breeze started to sting the skin.

Then back to the music. Aki Onda’s hour long set was totally brilliant. Completed with his fielding recordings of Rio life. And of course the Aki moves. As always dressed perfectly in pink and white Aki filled the Oi Futuro venue in Ipanema with his glorious cassette and walkman stories from another life narrative.

It was good to finally be in Ipanema. That song has been drilling a hole in our collective memory and actually being here… we just can’t help our selves… bah bi bah… bi bah bi bah… !

photo copyright ChicoDub

rashad becker, ashley paul, alasdair campbell, aki onda.
photo copyright ChicoDub