A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Day Fourteen – A Farewell To Rio



Well, well , well… Bob Hope and Bing Crosby chasing Dorothy La Mour around the beaches of Rio are not at all on my radar after the most wonderful time here with the people of this amazing city.

Firstly, the last day of the festival was a real showcase of great music. Heading down for the first time to the beautiful Casa Daros for in some ways what I came to Rio to see. Local music made by local people pushing the sound of sonic combustion into an unknown stratosphere. Chinese Cookie Poets, Felipe and Renato, Negro Leo, Chelpa Ferro and a whole diverse collection of musicians combining in duos, trios and all sorts. In the delicate square of the museum the unbridalled din of these musicians was joyous and what was even more brilliant was that families ate lunch and children danced to the uncompromising sounds of Rio. It made me think I now know what Paal Nilsson-Love enjoys about playing here.

Then after this wash of noise in the afternoon it is over to Oi Futuro for the last concert of the festival. Philip Jeck’s finale for the festival is an extremely beautiful jamboree of Brazilian records with I am told some Liverpool sounds thrown in… of course Jeck’s playful twisting of these sounds is just what we should expect from the master of the turntable treason. What makes the evening even more special is that Philip was joined on stage by Radio Lixo, a group of young artists fizzing up the Brazilian and Rio nights with their own take on disc-sampling.

A great way to end the festival. And like all festivals but particularly ones that last Two Weeks there was ecstasy and relief at the close. Tired eyes and weary ears but also a great satisfaction that Novas Frequencias 2014 was a total success. And the audiences were here throughout. A totally committed audience of adventurers in search of that moment.

And now it is farewell. There will be a last post when I ge back to the chilled grey skies of Scotland but here I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone here in Rio that has made this trip so special: Tathiana (and beautiful Olivia), Bernardo B, Luisa, Maria Claudia, Felipe & Julia the Novas Frequencias A-Team… The artists that made me feel so welcome and also positive about the possibilities for the future: Felipe, Marcus & Renato from the Chinese Cookie Poets, Negro Leo (your going to take care of Glasgow and dazzle the Counterflows crowd), Barroa (what a beautiful gentleman) and Chelpa Ferro I can’t spell your names so sorry. The one and only Bernardo Oliveira the master of all things music and the light to social justice for all. But of course my fondest thanks to Chico who when he came to Glasgow in April saw something in Counterflows and  then invited me over to start something special. This is just the beginning my friend. Glasgow awaits….

tchau, tchau!