A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Day Seven Bauhaus



And so the last day of strolling around the beautiful city of Berlin. After a failed attempt to gather a group of us for a meal I head off west to the Bauhaus Archive. I took the U-Bahn to Kurfurstenstrasse station and walked towards the canal and along the canal path which had some amazingly brilliant apartments built along its edge. Eric was to meet me at the Bauhaus and eventually with our random communications he did. I wandered around the exhibition there while I was waiting. Moholy Nagy (I may have spelt this wrong) was one of the modernist pioneers of design. As usual for me it is the bookcases full of splendid looking designs of pamphlets and other publications that really grab me. There is something odd about being at the Bauhaus. Their designs and style have become so well worn by mass reproduction it is somehow hard to quite see them with fresh eyes. It is the building itself that is the real star. Once Eric arrives I’m in need of sustenance so we headed west again to a cafe Eric has been told about. Cafe Einstein is an old school German cafe. High ceilings and waiters with bow-ties. After our late lunch Eric needs to get to a computer to make a deadline for an application. So we headed back to my hotel as there is open access to a computer in the bar. I went upstairs to pack.

So the last night of CTM and a new venue. Astra is east. It is an amazing venue. Rough round the edges but huge and packed with people. One of things that has impressed me about CTM is the mix of ages of the audience. All are welcome and in this venue dancing could be partaken of. We arrived when Niennemondai were on stage. They were great. A three piece all woman group. Their stripped back dance grooves were totally infectious. Carter Tutti Void was the big act of the night I suppose. It didn’t really grab me but the crowd loved it so who am I to say. It was a great evening in what has been a great time in a great city. Again it was the people that made it so special. Cliche I know but Berlin is a really friendly place.