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April 2021
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Day Seven – Flirting with Frisk Frugt and the Glitterband



Clare arrived on Sunday morning so I found myself waiting at the airport. One aspect of festivals that is so important is the meeting of people as they arrive. It is a strange world the world of the airport but if you can meet the arriving person and make that moment easier it can actually make or break their performance well at least the mood…

William Bennett came to stay… I’m sure that should be an episode of a sitcom  but William had time to kill before his flight back so he pitched up in our pad. We went out to lunch at Alfa bar and got up to speed with tales of 80s and 70s glam. An interesting shared obsession was the sound of the Glitter Bands’ guitars. Oh dear, what has befallen us!

Oi Futuro for a delightfully entertaining performance by someone new to me. The Danish dilettante of whimsy, Frisk Frugt. Some of the stuff didn’t really work for me but with the involvement of Chico and his friend on instant translation it was a very light and beautiful addition to the programme. His electronic recorder ensemble machine was particularly quirky…

And then to Meza Bar for Clare’s first caipirinhas. We tried the cashew flower version recommended by Chico.. totally amazing!


Chico Dub & Frisk Frugt at Festival Novas Frequencias 2014

glitter guitar

Star guitar made by John Birch for Gerry Shephard of the Glitter Band