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April 2021
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Day Six – The Wanderer and the Phone



Not so taken by much of Herman Hesses’ work or M Rousseau’s ideas but wandering around Berlin on a winter’s day has all the qualities and meditative senses that come from solitary walking. I’m in Berlin of course so there is not much solitariness. Today I walked along the canal to Gorlitzer to meet up with Melody from Ausland for an afternoon lunch and gab. The walk is totally beautiful. We go to an indoor food market on Eisenbahnstrasse. All sorts of food on offer. Really brilliant place. We opt for fish and it is lovely. The market is packed full of Berliners eating and noisy.
Melody and I are plotting to do Counterflows 2016 in Ausland, basically binging Counterflows back to Berlin. The first edition happened there of course. So it would be a great thing to do again. Melody is off to Portugal tomorrow so after coffee I wander back through the streets of Berlin.

HAU2 again. I like this venue and it is the easiest one for me to get to. First up are the duo of Electric Indigo and Thomas Wagensommerer. Beautiful dancing dots on the screen starts the proceedings with sifting patterns of digital noise. Their set is structured in segments with warm visuals and rhythms followed by more ambient emptiness. There is even a pop tune that resembles a beatles song. I’m not too sure what to make of it all but there are nice moments. When I nip out at the brake to get the first glass of wine of the evening I get a nice surprise when Rashad Becker turns up. We met in Rio and it was great to see him again. In Rio his set was one of my favourites of the festival. So we both go back in to catch some of Lorenzo Senni’s set. Very much a dance set but broken up and undanceable of course.

And then the incident. Saying goodbye to Rashad at the station as I wander back to the hotel. I suddenly realise I have lost my phone. Oh, The Horror! The Horror! Why do we get so attached to these devices. So back to HAU2 for a search. Nothing. The lovely waitress who helps me does everything she can. She even lends me her phone to call mine. Nothing. I decided to go back and think agan in the morning. On the path by the canal there it is lying in a puddle. How odd. And it still works.