A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Day Ten – The Bhering factory of Art and Free Improv is back



Back to the hospital to get the stitches out where Louisa and I witness a very impromptu secret performance of Novas Frequencias’ own by Doctor hands. With two pieces of paper he demonstrates the difference between the knife cut and the trauma cut. Quite magnificent. Louisa and I then go for a coffee to discuss the finer points of a life in sound or the sound of life depending which chair you care to sit on.

One of the many lovely people I have met here in Rio is the artist Barrao whose name I can never quite pronounce. Barrao is part of the collective Chelpa Ferro. Three visual artists who have been engaged in making sound art for some years here in Rio. Barrao offered to take Clare and me around Rio today and picked us up in his car. We head off to the forest around Horto. Dense lush forest full of the ringing of cicadas. The views of Rio are stunning and we also get to see a large troop of keeping-it-real monkeys. After lunch Barrao remembers he has to be at a meeting of the association that manages the amazing factory space where his studio is located. This is the Bhering Factory which used to be and old chocolate factory but has been now reclaimed as studio spaces for all sorts of artisans. Quite an incredible building full of furniture makers, artists of all kinds and a lovely wee coffee shop with wonderful apple cake. After Barrao fails to get me elected as director (it was a close vote) he showed us his studio space which is crammed with old junk ceramics. His latest creations use these ceramics which he cuts up and creates ceramic collages that are quite magnificent new sculptures of pleasure. There is such a synergy that resonates with the scene in Glasgow here that it is really exciting to think what we could create between the two festivals.

Chico has programmed a lovely concert for the evening. Bringing Free Improv back into the warm glow of the Rio audience. Marcos Campello (is this the portugese ancestry of my name?) on guitar and j-p Caron on and inside the piano. Marcos is from the Chinese Cookie poets so it is particularly pertinent to see his set. And it dances and crashes all over the Sergio Porto space. Great to hear improv at the festival. Quest are up next. Quest are Joana Gamma on piano with Luis Fernandes aka Astro Boy on electronic stuff. There is s delicacy about their music that reflects these to beautiful people’s presence at the festival. Quite lovely!

Oh, and of course I should mention that driving around the streets of Rio listening to the ageless voice of Gal Costa is a pleasure that all should experience… who would have thought I would have this chance?