A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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And what an interesting day it was. Day three and you would never believe what happened to me! Exploding glass shower door and lots of blood. Justin Yeldman watch out! So after a very Tony Hancock hospital experience my cut hands have been stitched back together. Of course, the banjo session had to be cancelled.

And what of the festival. Well off to a new venue, the Sergio Porto, to hear a new piano man for me, Lubomyr Melnyck, and his continous music. Curiously there were 4 pieces played which didn’t  sit quite right with me considering the idea of continous. So after a little bit of lighting theatrics we got started. For me the melodic lines created were verging on the overtly sweet and sentimental but the passion and belief from the man was abundant. The most successful piece was “Butterfly” which with a middle section of tumbling notes highlighted the idea of continous music perfectly.

Great venue and a really engaged crowd and as with day two the sound was perfect.

The thing so far that strikes a cord with Counterflows is the people involved. From audiences to Chico and the team there is a great warmth. Talking with Chico last night he agreed that this is what he felt in Glasgow too. And for the artists this creates a really great forum to perform. Keeping the whole thing intimate is really important for the music…

Off to Sugar Loaf now to bathe my Cut Hands in Rio sunshine….