A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Lin Chiwei, Wang Fujui & DINO



If Counterflows is about anything it is surely about getting artists to Glasgow who bring with them a whole different cultural background to their art and allow us the opportunity to explore what their sound world is about. It is really exciting this year to have these three Taiwanese artists perform. They have never been in the UK before and my only reference point to their music comes in the form of Sub Rosa’s brilliant collection An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music. These three are trailblazers of the 1990’s Taiwan noise scene which explored all types of ways of creating new stuff: experimental sound, little theatre, body performance, S/M, junk art, mail art and all sorts of other approaches.

Lin Chiwei’s sound performance is based more on the Situationist strategy, attempting to provoke an audience reaction. His approach can be traced to his participation in the Z.S.L.O., the first ‘noise group’ in Taiwan.

Wang Fujui’s work is more ‘sound-art’ like, or with video/audio format. Apart from performance, he also makes sound sculptures which involve audience interaction.

DINO emerged in the scene after Lin and Wang in the late 1990s. He is a totally self-taught noise artist and only uses analogue sound. He also performs Chinese guqin (ancient stringed instrument).