A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Early Songs 7.15pm
To open up Counterflows in Glasgow the supremely beautiful music of David Scott’s Early Songs. David has been working on a new set of his infectious tone poems as a follow up to his striking 2008 Wind Wound CD. Scott sights as an early influence the lyrical country blues picking of Mississippi John Hurt.

Grouper (with Diamond Catalog) 8.15pm
Grouper is the recording and performing project of Portland based Liz Harris. Grouper’s shimmering compositions exist in their own world, out of time and space. Her live shows are rare occurrences and are always in tune with the architecture and acoustics of a space, so the wonderful surroundings of the St Andrew’s church should make for a very special event. She is joined for this special song based performance by Diamond Catalog.

Michael Gira 9.30pm
Starting in the late 1970s, Michael Gira, founder of Swans, has made some of the most abrasive, visceral and violently beautiful music imaginable. Counterflows is thrilled to have Michael perform one of his rare solo shows here at our inaugural festival. With the landscape of song ripped bare Michael Gira will induce us into his sanctified world.