A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
More Information Coming Soon

Ela Orleans at EMS, Stockholm – Days 9, 10, 11, 12, 13



Time seems to fly and I already know that month at EMS is definitely not going to be enough for me to finish everything I started. I work every day. Eight hours seems like very little as I am learning more and more and the material I am working on becomes more and more absorbing. On Friday afternoon I met Hanna Fjällman, who writes for Musikverket (Swedish Performing Arts Agency). I will post the article as soon as it appears on the website. It is going to take some time. We were talking about my project and about the ways I am working on music. Till mid October I am switching between Studio 1 and 2. Studio 1 is very popular at EMS for its recording facility and 6 channel Genelec sound system with additional Meyer and Genelec near field stereo speakers. I used the time to record Maja breathing, playing musical saw and punching things, another time I recorded a lot of violin drones.


Studio 2 has 8 channel Genelec sound system with 5 additional Genelec speakers installed in the ceiling, as well as a quadraphonic Meyer system. I am going to sorely miss Genelec as the clarity of sound through its speakers makes me feel as if I was given another extra pair of ears. The comfort of the studios makes me want to move in to them. I heard the story that someone actually tried that before and hid the mattress behind the sound system. I can imagine this being a tempting for many… Luckily I have a place to stay and it has been a great to walk home through the forest after days spent in the front of the computer.


I have hours worth of synthesized drones and patterns, and recordings of instruments and organic sounds. Maja has been adding a lot of images to her movie, each layer brings new ideas and we are now intensely working on the character of each component of it. The music writes itself it seems, except, it takes forever.  I am learning my ways of catologing files but I get increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of hard discs I need to shift my work load from and to. It is getting confusing at times and I am not a huge fan of Avid sound card, which is indeed a very powerful interface which provided a gigantic leap in sound and speed of ProTools, but unfortunately, teh way it is mounted, doesn’t allow me to go through hundreds of clips without throwing them into ProTools. I can forget listening to any references on YouTube. A bit frustrating, but now I am bringing my own laptop with me and listening to all I need to listen to through EMS’s DT770 Pro headphones. I am not completely lost in samples anymore.


I am taking a break regularly, the amounts of coffee I have been drinking are hard to establish, I also discovered a few nice food joints on Hornsgatan – one of the main streets in Stockholm which is in a very close distance from EMS and Mariatorget tube station.  I also managed to get away to Archipelago, thanks to my friend Julian who’s mother lives in Runmarö and decided to take me and a few other pals on the trip around islands on her motor boat, the cruise I am going to remember till the end of my life.