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April 2021
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Eva-Maria Houben



Part of the constantly adventurous Wandelweiser collective – home to the likes of Michael Pisaro, Radu Malfatti and Jurg Frey – Eva-Maria Houben creates vast, incorporeal forms from almost nothing – music that lingers long after the last note has dissipated. Born in Germany, she has an impressive history as a composer, theorist, pianist and organist, taking influence from (and further developing) a past canon of unheard moments, stretching from John Cage to the Second Viennese School, to even as far back as Berlioz and Bruckner.

Both carefully nuanced and obsessively singular – her evocative solo piano works have a warmth and beauty to them that stands out beyond the occasionally bare and dry work of her contemporaries. In the words of Ben Harper, “this is living, messy, human music.” Join us a for a relaxed Sunday afternoon piano concert at this years’ Counterflows.