Ashley Paul Ensemble + Sue Tompkins @ Garnethill Multicultural Community Centre

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Garnethill Multicultural Community Centre, 07/04/2017

doors - 9:00 pm start - finish

Entry £9


This year’s featured artist, Ashley Paul, presents the first ever performance with an all new ensemble formed for Counterflows, performing unheard pieces from her forthcoming record.


Sue Tompkins is a collector of found phrases, words, and lyrics. Through her typed and spoken works – created by editing, layering, arranging and configuring spontaneous thoughts, random phrases and quotes from popular media – she re-presents snatches of material gleaned from the everyday, distorting meaning by metering their arrangement and delivery. Her work exists both live and in the gallery; where she transfers aspects of her live performance (such as the rhythm, tempo and composition) into two-dimensional works.

We have a been a long-time fan of Sue’s work live, in the gallery and also in her previous group Life Without Buildings, so it we are very happy to welcome her to Counterflows Festival for the first time.

Garnethill Multicultural Community Centre

21 Rose St, Garnethill, Glasgow G3 6RE, United Kingdom