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April 2021
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Film Screening – Yodel Portraits with Myriam Van Imschoot & Dorreen Kutzke

Venue and Date

CCA Theatre, 5 April 2019


12:45 doors – 13:00 start
14:30 finish



Myriam Van Imschoot & Dorreen Kutzke present two films that explore and celebrate different forms of yodelling.

Yodal Portrait – Phil Minton: This portrait pays tribute to the British music legend Phil Minton and the many voices that live within his wide vocal range. Originally a trumpet player, Phil Minton developed a unique approach to his voice that sings back to the hum and din of the world. Sound is paint. The moving camera as well as the light encircles the singer as if meditating a riddle.

The film ends with a rare testimony of Phil Minton’s performing. He brings for the camera three mesostics in honor of John Cage, who loved this poetic form in which the organizing word runs down the middle instead of the side.

Accessibility: The CCA Theatre is on the 1st floor of the building and can be accessed from a lift on the ground floor.



Yodel Portrait – Doreen Kutzke – “I wanted to deliver proof of my existence. I had a voice and couldmake myself heard.”

Doreen Kutzke took to yodeling from early childhood in the former GDR. Now she makes a living as a singer in various pop and art formations, and runs a yodel school in Berlin. Myriam Van Imschoot pursues with the video Yodel Portrait Doreen Kutzke her interest in breaking voice techniques as they are rooted in personal histories and lifelong passions with cultural echo.