A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
2 – 5 April 2020
Various Venues Around Glasgow

Late Night Counterflows – MC Carol / LYZZA / Nena Etza

Venue and Date

The Art School (Victoria Bar), 5 April 2019


23:00 doors – 23:00 start
03:00 finish



For our late night parties this year we are focussing on new and experimental music from the South American diaspora. As part of this we’re delighted to welcome a live set from Baile-funk queen MC Carol, as well as DJ sets from LYZZA and Nena Etza.

MC Carol is one of the leading lights in Brazil’s Baile Funk scene – a genre loosely derived from Miami bass and gangsta rap, regularly shared at discos and street parties in different parts of Brazil. Offering fresh critical perspective from the country’s favela community, MC Carol’s lyrics confront race and gender politics, domestic violence, the education system and so much more. A vital voice in one of the most tumultuous political environments Brazil has faced in decades, we’re delighted to welcome her to the UK for the first time as part of one of our late night parties.

At just 19 years old, born-and-raised Brazilian LYZZA is one of the exciting new names in the experimental club scene. A DJ, Producer, Vocalist and curator with ties to ​Fade to Mind (US)​ and ​Bala Club (UK)​, she has made a reputation DJing and producing hard baile-funk with a distinct European accent, mixing it with flavours of industrial techno, hardstyle, trance and house.
Nena Etza is a Scotland based latinx nonbinary fierce femme who loves playing latinx tunes from QTWOC artists. They are involved with different groups in the fight against the hostile environment created by the immigration system in the UK. During the day, they do designs, poetry and web development.

   Accessibility: The venue is on the ground floor of the building. Please note there might      be flashing lights and smoke machines used during the club night.