Late Night Counterflows’ Social – RP Boo (DJ Set) / Letitia Pleiades & Mariam Rezaei

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The Art School, 06/04/2018

11:00 pm doors - 11:00 pm start - 3:00 am finish

Entry £6

RP Boo – a.k.a. Kavain Space – is cited as one of the originators of Footwork, the fast, repetitive, rhythmically syncopated music, born direct from the ‘footwork’ dance style and the ashes of the late 80’s/early 90’s Chicago house scene. Inspiring countless producers like DJ Spinn, the late DJ Rashad and more recent experimentalists such as Jlin, RP Boo’s signature sound is rooted in footwork’s most vital principles while pushing continually into unknown territory.

Warming up will be the all new duo from Letitia Pleiades and Mariam Rezaei – two restlessly creative artists operating on the fringes of club music and improvisation.

Tickets for this will cost £8 on the door on the night.

Accessibility: The venue is fully accessible. The venue is on the ground floor space.

The Art School

20 Scott St, Glasgow G3 6PE