Nicole Mitchell & Mark Sanders duo/ Viaduct Tuba Trio & The Govan Youth Brass Band play the music of Bill Wells

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Maryhill Community Central Hall

292 - 316 Maryhill Road,
G20 7YE

3:00 pm doors - 15:30:00 start - 5:30 pm finish

Entry £8

Three years ago Chicago-based composer, flutist and educator Nicole Mitchell flutist and London-based percussionist Mark Sanders performed together at Cafe OTO in London. Having never met before, Mark’s restrained approach to the kit – with skipping brushes on toms and light touches to a ride, a bell or wooden blocks – gave remarkable space and air to Mitchell’s unique synthesis of flute and voice. Together they created a strikingly sparse and minimal sound, but one which is no less full of joyous melodic hooks and grooves.

To this day their duo remains one of the highlights of Cafe OTO’s expansive archive, and we’re delighted to present this duo’s 2nd ever show at Counterflows this year.

Glasgow-based Bill Wells makes music that is profound and singular. The variations on beauty in his music are remarkable, so for Counterflows 2019 we thought we’d approach it from a different perspective.  After seeing footage of the Viaduct Tuba Trio performing lopsidedly with invading friends and fellow brass band players beneath the Glenfinnan Viaduct, we had to look at how we could do Bill’s music justice and expand upon the ideas resonating from this music.

For this special commission for Counterflow Festival 2019 the Viaduct Tuba Trio and The Govan Youth Brass Band will join forces to present new works by Bill.