A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
2 – 5 April 2020
Various Venues Around Glasgow

Pantayo – “Kuliversity” Kulintang Workshop

Venue and Date

Civic House, 4 April 2020


12:30 doors – 13:00 start
14:30 finish



This is an amazing opportunity to get a taste of the incredible world of Kulintang preparing us for Pantayo’s first ever performance in the UK later on Saturday evening.

Pantayo will facilitate a workshop exploring the wonderful music and teachings of Kulintang. The workshop is open to all but places are limited so book in advance. Please note entry is not included within festival and day passes and will need to be purchase separately.

The workshop will be in three parts:

PART 1: History and Ongoing use of Kulintang

Pantayo plays a song to start off the workshop.
We then take turns in narrating how the group has come to gain access Kulintang teachings from various sources, and how this has informed how we now play these instruments as Diasporic Filipinas. An overview of current kulintang groups in the Diaspora and in the Philippines will also be discussed to highlight how the artform is constantly evolving regardless of geography.

PART 2: Ensemble play

Participants are divided among each Pantayo member/facilitator to focus learning on one instrument throughout the workshop.
Pantayo discusses how a Kulintang piece is structured, and will play some of the usual patterns that are played on each instrument.
After learning the parts, the entire group will play a piece based on the teachings from the day.
If time permits, participants can move on to another instrument to learn about it.

PART 3: Song Share & Closing 
Participants perform the music from the workshop.
Pantayo plays a closing song