A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
2 – 5 April 2020
Various Venues Around Glasgow

Primitive Art / PETRONN SPHENE

Venue and Date

CCA Theatre, 3 April 2020


20:30 doors – 21:00 start
22:30 finish



Primitive Art is an experimental music band based in Milan and a collaboration between Matteo Pit and Jim C. Nedd founded in 2011.

“I had the privilege to experience Primitive Art Live and I remember it being a very hypnotic show and was really into the dubby feel, complex rhythm and enjoyed seeing/ hearing Jim on the mic. Also ‘Crab suite’ released on Arcola is a must-have.” – Nkisi

PETRONN SPHENE (the solo project from Xapheena aka Q.Q. Utslekk aka Urocerus Gigas of GUTTERSNIPE) is the singular manifestation of queer punk cyborg convulsing body music known as “No Wave Rave”. Deploying disrupted polyceleratrix rhythms via MPC1000 drumviolence in symbiosis with icy, futuristic synth flashes and alien femme fatale vokills, PETRONNE SPHENE induces a deranged state of hyper-mobile xenofeminist hysteria, recalling ADHD manic episodes, acid flashbacks from speedcore parties and abduction on the dancefloor! Miss XQQU will have several new traxx prepared especially for the fest, so prepare yourselves to submit to yet further psychotic results of the eminent Radical Queer Formula for Rhythm and Tonality applied to dance music structural paradigms!!

“Like all of the Rotterdam Gabber records playing at the same time”- Michiel Klein/SWEAT TONGUE