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April 2021
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Rhodri Davies – ‘Transversal Time’ / Lucy Duncombe – ‘Pop Ago’

Venue and Date

The Tramway, 8 April 2018


15:30 doors – 16:00 start
17:30 finish



Welsh radical harpist, sound explorer and UK underground stalwart Rhodri Davies presents an ambitious new work commissioned for Counterflows, featuring a dynamic, full on band, featuring Ryoko Akama (Electronics), Sarah Hughes (Zither), Sofia Jernberg (Vocals), Pat Thomas (keyboard, Electronics) and Adam Parkinson (Programming). Also on the bill is Glasgow-based Lucy Duncombe, who will be presenting ‘Pop Ago’; a song-cycle that draws upon the vocalised ritual and the myriad ways in which ‘subjectivity’ is codified and simulated within pop music. Pop Ago will look at the ways in which experience is formalised into aesthetic through voice, language and the body. Lucy will be joined by a brilliant group of artists for Pop Ago: Joe Howe, Letitia Pleiades, William Aikman, Hanna Tuulikki, Sarah Lawson and Jessica Hicke-Kallenbach

Transversal Time was co-commissioned by HCMF//, Counterflows and Chapter and is supported through PRS Foundation’s Beyond Borders.

Accessibility: Fully wheelchair accessible