A Festival Of Underground, Experimental & International Music
April 2021
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Fuaim is Solas



Counterflows is about bringing music together from all the myriad of strands of creativity that exist out there. I have been working with Martin Green on and off for years now. His commission Monstre that brought together the Kirkintilloch Brass Band and his own elastic ideas was one highlight of many.
When I launched AC Projects I asked Martin to perform a solo set of electronics and things. It was an amazing genre bursting affair but to top it all he dueted with Mats Gustafsson, a memorable moment in the Scottish folk scene. Of course there is also Lau where Martin’s accordion almost explodes with ideas that take Lau from a proto-folk trio into an entirley new world. Fuaim is Solas, though, is a new project lead by Counterflows’ production manager Tim Matthew and it is an opportunity to allow Tim to show the other quietly spoken about talents as a performer. Tim’s gentle manner belies a fierce creative force and here with Sound and Light he brings together a lot of his creative interests. 16mm film from the wonderful Screen Bandita Archive and of course music. They are joined by harpist and electroacoustic experimentalist Una Monaghan who is involved in Belfast’s Sonic Arts Research Centre.
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