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April 2021
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John Butcher & Mark Sanders: Tarab Cuts / Ghedalia Tazartes & Maya Dunietz / Will Guthrie + David Maranha





Australian Guthrie and Portuguese Maranha are both now working in France, they bring a European sensibility to their music making. Guthrie’s complete musicality around the drum-kit is fearless and accompanied by Maranha’s physical musical presence this should be a beautiful encounter at Counterflows.

photo credit: Dana Dunietz

photo credit: Dana Dunietz


It is great to be working again with legendary musical autodidact Ghédalia Tazartès, alongside Israeli pianist, composer and improviser Maya Dunietz to collaborate on a new performance that includes two live voices, 12 tiny speakers and electronic soundtrack. If you missed AC Projects event with Ghedalia and his soundtrack to the wondrous film Haxan in 2011 then now is your chance to catch him again. Tazartès defies categorization; switching from musique concrète to – existing or invented – ethnic music, from poetry to noise, or from loops and collages to sad and extremely beautiful tunes in a second, but constantly is in flux and coherent. Maya Dunietz, born in 1981, is a composer, pianist and sound installation artist. Her work ranges between solo performances, composing for ensembles around the world, writing for theatre, creating sound installations, building electronic instruments, playing and singing. Dunietz founded the experimental vocal ensemble “Givol Choir” and is a member of the Israeli band “Habiluim”.

Description of A Joik:
Joiking is a transitive verb. The duo Maya and Ghedalia evoke a fantastic group of creatures through their song. Joiking THE entity, not ABOUT the entity, at the very instant. Setting free an ancient compartmentalized group of animals. An attempt to resurrect through the voice that which has been lost, which has been forgotten.

The Ghedalia Tazartes + Maya Dunietz event is supported by Outset. The Outset Contemporary Art Fund is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to supporting new art by bringing private funding from its patrons, partners and trustees to public museums and art projects. Projects are selected in consultation with a trusted network of curators from across the world, exposing patrons to the most exciting and innovative developments within the arena of contemporary visual art. See more at: http://www.outset.org.uk

Calligraphy Square, Sharjah - as part of Revisiting Tarab

Calligraphy Square, Sharjah – as part of Revisiting Tarab

“In Arab culture, the merger between music and emotional transformation is epitomized by the concept of tarab, which may not have an exact equivalent in Western languages”

John Butcher is one of the most prolific and versatile performers and creators in the scene today. His commitment to the development of the saxophone has genuinely extended the instruments voicings and range. This new project sees him exploring further the methods of improvisation in relation to ancient compositional and devotional qualities found in Sufi music and Tarab.

Counterflows is excited to be working with Out Of The Machine who have now commissioned Butcher to expand the work into a full concert presentation, where Butcher has invited drummer Mark Sanders to join him.