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April 2021
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Ghedalia Tazartes + Maya Dunietz



photo credits: (1)Dana Dunietz (2)Emilie Berger

photo credit: (1)Dana Dunietz (2)Emilie Berger

Ghedalia Tazartes

A French musician of Turkish parentage, Ghédalia Tazartès is an uncompromising artist who defies categorization; switching from musique concrète to – existing or invented – ethnic music, from poetry to noise, or from loops and collages to sad and extremely beautiful tunes in a second, but constantly is in flux and coherent. His public appearances remain exceptional events as he rarely performs in concerts or releases albums. As part of the Fondation Cartier Patti Smith exhibition in 2008, he revisited his last two albums. « 5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine » (Jardin au Fou, 2006) is a musical and poetic experiment influenced by the world of Léo Ferré and the atmosphere of a noise festival. “Hystérie off Music” (Jardin au Fou, 2007) is an infernal musical montage that combines concrete music, imported laments and unidentified sound elements.

Maya Dunietz

Maya Dunietz, born in 1981, is a pianist, composer, singer, choir conductor and sound installation artist. Her work ranges between solo performances, composing for various ensembles around the world, writing for theatre, creating sound installations, building electronic instruments and singing in various styles such as heavy metal, kleizmer and contemporary music. Maya founded the experimental vocal ensemble “Givol Choir” and she is a member of the Israeli theatrical rock and polka band “Habiluim”. Throughout her work, Dunietz is in a constant search for new ways and methods to create her music and art. In her work she combines new cutting-edge technologies with old and traditional techniques for playing, singing, building things and recording.

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